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I love the colours of this shot. Good one.

Ladybug's Leaf

I agree with all of the comments here so far . . . simply wonderful work, Sidney. The two little musicians playing the piccolos are amazing!


I'm intreagued by the people behind the man in red. Nice 1.


more nice shots in this series, nice rich colors, wonderful smiles

Ashish Sidapara

Lovely series, i really miss street performances here .. you make me jealous :(
Have a great weekend!!


too bad i can't listen what they play...must be a beautiful music:-)) great capture nice angle and composition:-))


Nice shots. I like the first shot very much.


The best part for me in any parade are the bands. Wish I could hear/see these guys in action :)


Fascinating series on the festival. I love seeing images and reading about other cultures around the world.


You bring in lovely street shots! I'm lucky to discover this site!

Al Bjørnstad

Beautiful kids!!! Festive Colors!!!!

I love fiestas!

Stardog Champion

I really like the bottom shot. The two kids playing the flutes look so sharp in those uniforms.


How well you have captured these lovely musicians Sidney! Reminds me a lot about the 17th of May in Norway you know:-) Have a great end to your week!


hello again sidney! long time, indeed. just couldn't update that frequently anymore.

i can see you've been busy going around taking pictures. i like the photo of the two kids with the flute. they did give you a good pose. beautiful composition, too.


Thanks for comments.

Always a pleasure to travel across your country via your original pictures ! Long life to my Sarisari !


the first one strikes me: the contrast of the proud player with his smart uniform and instrument, and the street kids at the back, especially the girl on the crutches. excellent.


I like the serious expressions of the two young musicians...

Ashwathy Nair

I agree with Chris. Sweet kids!


Yes, Sidney, I signed up for 8/26th with Ivan!

This is exciting! And yes, we'll discuss badminton then.

Truly hope to meet you there!!!

BTW, great pics -- remind me of the Beatles' Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Band :)

Chris Vallancourt

Those children are precious!


Young and Older... love it!


Interesting streetshot, the kid with the crutches catches my attention. (P.S. you won't believe it, but I saw shaved cows in Flanders too)


As you post more that one photo a day, I cannot resist expressing my preference. This does not mean that the photo I do not indicate as my preference is bad, of course. But I like the bottom one here. Love the composition with the construction in the back.


Wonderful colors and composition for both of these fine photos. I love how the first one has the musician in the foreground and the interesting audience the background. I'm still getting the popups. They don't seem to come up on other sites. I think you should look into it, Sidney. Maybe others are getting them as well.

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